Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie Laura Emma Chevallier Meine

Julie Laura Emma Chevallier Meine was my great grandmother. Here she is with her two children, my grandmother Marguerite seated on her lap and Paula. (Date circa 1892).

Julie was born in the French village of Graffigny-Chemin on March 16, 1862. She lived in Graffigny thoughout the First World War along with her husband, Charles Guillame Christian Meine. Charles Meine was German, possibly a former colonel, and subsequently a businessman with interests in Hanover, Germany, and Switzerland. He died in 1913 of an unknown cause.

In 1923 Julie departed LeHavre, France for New York. She subsequently returned to Graffigny-Chemin. She was living there at the time of the Second World War.


  1. Art, it was my understanding that Granny and her mother came back to the United States with Daddy Mat after WWI. Mom was born in 1920. Do you have a record somewhere that she actually came in 1923 after mom was born.

  2. Marguerite may be the older of the two girls.