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Lorraine et Bar Unsolioden

This document, dated mil sept cent quatre vignt nuef, 1789, announces the marriage bans of Nicholas Chevallier and Marguerite Mangeron.

I can read the date of the document, the names, and not much else. Does anyone know the meaning of the stamp "Lorraine et Bar Unsoliden"?

Lorraine was formerly a separate duchy between France and Germany. Bar was also a duchy and was centered on the town of Bar-le-duc. François III Etienne, Duke of Lorraine and of Bar, renounced his rights to the ducal crowns shortly after his marriage to Maria Theresa, future Empress of Austria, in 1736. The deal saw ex-King Stanislaus receive the duchies in 1738 as compensation for losing the throne of Poland. The duchies were a sort of life annuity, with the understanding that they would revert to France at his death.

Unsoliden is German for unsound.

Archive de la Haute-Marne

The Archives de la Haute-Marne are digitalized. The archives contain records of marriages, births, and deaths covering the periods 1586 up until 1912.

In my research, I have come across many names associated with my family. It begins with Chevallier, the name of my great great grandfather, Paul Constant Chevallier. But there are other names to research as well. Paul Constant Chevallier married Anne Marie Richier. Paul's father was Hilaire Chevalllier, who married Marguerite Collin. Then too, there are the surnames Morel, Rouyer, and Ligier, but I will have to come back to these.

Chevallier is a name which is sprinkled throughout the archives for hundreds of years. I have mentioned Paul's father, Hilaire, but there are also the names of Nicolas, Joseph, Paul Achille, Claude, Charles Hippolyte, and more whose relationship is not always clear.


What follows is a cursory review of the archives for the period 1893 - 1902. This should find a new page.

The Archives of Haut-Marne, births, marriages, and deaths. Select d’état civil. Graffigny today is a village of perhaps two to three hundred souls. The archives suggest that the population has not changed much.

Year Births Marriages Deaths Arch/Pages
93, 94
112, 113

Years 1893 to 1895:

Summaries by year of births are found at pages 7, 24, 40

Summaries by year of marriages and divorces are found at pages 15, 30 and 31, 49

Summaries of deaths xx, 35, 52,

Beginning in 1896, births, marriages, divorces and deaths are summarized together. Pages 60, 75,

1896, death of Claude Alexandre Chevallier, born 1810, age 87, son of Hilaire Chevallier and Marguerite Collin, deceased. His wife Marie Genevieve Rouyer, deceased 1889.  Father of Edmond Chevallier, "le premier gendre et le second neveau" (page 56). Note by me, brother of Paul Constant Chevallier.(page 56).


1893, Marie Jean-Marcel born 8 May, 1893.son of Marcel Edmond Chevallier and  Eugenie Denise Moirot, both age 33, witnessed by Paul Constant Chevallier, age 70, and Ernest Chevallier, age 44 (page 3).

1893, marriage of Paul Ernest and Marie Hortense Demay April 4, 1893.Paul Ernest, age 46, is the oldest son of Paul Constant Chevallier and Anne Marie Richier. Anne Marie Hortense Demay, age 46, is the daughter of Antoine Demay, deceased, and Marie Collin, age 70 (page 10).

1897. Typewriter used for the first time, although many entries remain handwritten.

1897, Cecile Richier, age 91 deceased. He was born the 27th Brumaire, the 14th of the Republic. Note by me, Brumaire refers to the second month of the French Republican calendar, so named for the fog that often occurs at that time of year. Question, is the scribe repeating the language of Cecile's birth for the year 1805-6? ... Son of Nicholas Richier (died 1853) and Marie Magdeline Quentin (died 1870). Spouse "vuive" ??? of Lemoine Nicholas Antoine. ??? Note by me. I have included Cecile Richier only because of the possible connection with Anne Marie Richier, wife of Paul Constant Chevallier.

1898, Paul Albert Chevallier died 21 October, age 13, son of Paul Ernest Chevallier and Zepherine Douzery (page 90).

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Summary of Births and Deaths, 1853 - 1862

Births Deaths
1853 - 20
1854 - 16
1855 - 20
1856 - 16
1857 - 12
1858 - 4
1859 - 25
1860 - 19
1861 - 22
1862 - 16

1853 -

Mayor of Graffigny is Alexandre Chevallier.

Births are summarized by year in the Archives at pages 8, 14, 20, 27, 32, 38, 49, 55, 63, 69,

1854, Constant Trenie ??? Berliz Chevallier born January 9, son of Paul Constant Chevallier, 31, and Eugenie Richier, 25 (page 9).

1856, Charles Hypolite Armand Chevallier born June 25, son of Paul Constant Chevallier, age 34, proprieter and cultivator, and Anne Marie Richier, age 27, (page 24).

1859, Marcel Edmond Chevallier born March 18, son of Paul Constant Chevallier, 37, and Anne Marie Richier, 30 (page 40).

1862, Julie Laure Emma Chevallier born march 14, daughter of Paul Constant Chevallier, 40, and his wife, Anne Marie Richier, 33 (page 66).A later note lists Julie's death occurring March 25, 1956 in Neufchateau, Vosges.