Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marguerite Chevallier Meine's house in Graffigny

This is a view of the left front stairs leading up to the main entrance. A man appears to the left of the house, possibly bending over and facing away from the camera.

Guests are received by horse and carriage through a gate to the right (not visible in the picture). The building to the left is the carriage house. The main gardens to the house and a private well are to the left of the image.

The next image shows the front of the house. A woman appears to be standing in the doorway.

The third image shows the house from the church across the street. These images were probably taken May 30, 1909 during the feast of Joane d'Arc.

The last image is the Church of St. Nicholas de Chemin. This is not the church across from grandmother's house. That church is St. Elophe and St. Christophe. Notice the car in front of the church. It appears to be a later date than 1909. Compare vintage cars.

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