Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feburary 4, 1777 - Bans of Marriage


The Archives of Haut-Marne contain recordings of baptisms, births, and marriage for citizens of the villages in the province of  Lorraine. Go to the listing for Graffigny-Chemin and click. There are 11 sets of books of parish and civil records. Prior to Napoleon, the records are religious. Napoleon made the responsibility for civil records secular.

Start with the parish records for 1767 - 1792.Click on the book and it will take you to page one of 87 pages.

On page 7 the date February 4, 1777 records the publication of the bans of marriage for Claude Chevallier and Marie Jeanne Barbay. The post is the right-hand page. Claude is the son of Nicholas Chevallier and Anne Jaroin (sp). Marie is the daughter of Francois Barbay and Cecile Quentin (sp).

On the preceding same screen, lower left is a post for, it appears, the 18th of January of the same year. The announcement appears to be the engagement of the two.

For Jean-Marie:

On the following page 8, the same date, records the marriage of Nicolas Quentin and Barb Marchal.The name Marchal appears on many of the following pages.

I am stopping at page 15. Page 16 starts an entry for 1779 and the name Chevallier reappears. I will work on this later.

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