Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The French side

Thanks to Jean for the link to the Archives.

Log into the Archives of Haut-Marne.You will have to search a little.  I searched under Graffigny-Chemin and eventually cam across a listing for inhabitants during Napoleon's reign.  Here is a listing of the Chevalliers born (noms et prenoms des nouveaux nee) in Graffigny-Chemin in and around 1809.

Claude Alexander born 19 Fevrier 1810
Elizabeth Chevallier born 4 Novembre 1812
Elizabeth Victoria born 8 Frumaire 1814
Hypolite Chevallier born 23 Aout 1812
Marie Anne born 9 Fevrier 1809
Marie Anne born 21 April 1811
Marie Elizabeth 20 Novembre 1810
Piere Victor born 4 Avril 1809
Virgina Chevallier 19 Janvier 1809


Elizabeth Victoria Chevallier died 1 Aout 1809
Jopesph Chevallier
Marie Anne died 20 Mai 1809
Marie Martha Chevallier
Nicholas Chevallier

For Jean, there are also many Jaquots and Marchals listed in Graffigny-Chemin.


  1. Art, I remember Mom telling me that her ancestors had been exiled from France by Napoleon. I had forgotten that until I saw this.

    Also, there was a Duke in the line somewhere.