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Paul Constant Chevallier and Anne Marie Richier

In Graffigny, 1847, Paul Constant Chevallier, age 20, son of Hilaire Chevallier and Marguerite Collin, weds 18 year old Anne Marie Richier, daughter of Thomas Richier and Jeanne Morel. Paul and Anne would produce a child, Julie, the mother of Marguerite, my grandmother.

Paul Constant Chevallier and Anne Marie Richier, marriage 1847

The 1840s were difficult times in Graffigny. Elsewhere I write that the Collin's family suffered many deaths in 1844. The Chevallier family had two deaths in 1847.


The potato famine, poor harvest, and social unrest spreads throughout Europe. Industrial expansion fans the flames of revolution.

The following year, Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto; Victor Hugo begins work on a novel about social injustice and misery, Les Miserables; and, King Louis Philippe abdicates  and the Second Republic is established. Three years later, a military coup puts Louis-Napoleon as head of a second French Empire.

Log into the Archives. Or, go directly to the document at page 96 of the viewer. this information is summarized by the Centre Genealogique de Haute-Marne.

Anne Marie Richier was 18 years old, born in Graffigny in 1829, daughter of Jean Thomas Richier, property owner (proprietaier rentier) and Jeanne Morel.

The marriage was attested to by several parties. these include Alexander Chevallier, 38 and brother of the groom, lumberman (marchand de bois), Claude Thouvaise (?), age 35, brother-in-law and entrepreneur...

A summary of this information is provided at Centre Genealogique de Haute-Marne

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