Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lorraine et Bar Unsolioden

This document, dated mil sept cent quatre vignt nuef, 1789, announces the marriage bans of Nicholas Chevallier and Marguerite Mangeron.

I can read the date of the document, the names, and not much else. Does anyone know the meaning of the stamp "Lorraine et Bar Unsoliden"?

Lorraine was formerly a separate duchy between France and Germany. Bar was also a duchy and was centered on the town of Bar-le-duc. François III Etienne, Duke of Lorraine and of Bar, renounced his rights to the ducal crowns shortly after his marriage to Maria Theresa, future Empress of Austria, in 1736. The deal saw ex-King Stanislaus receive the duchies in 1738 as compensation for losing the throne of Poland. The duchies were a sort of life annuity, with the understanding that they would revert to France at his death.

Unsoliden is German for unsound.

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